About Me

I spend more than 20 years to build companies into companies that provide success for every star employee and positive impact on society.

  • People
    I believe that human resources is the first key to a company in order to achieve their success, for that we always sharpen our self in developing people.
  • Product
    Any company or any person who creates a product that used by a lot of people until they reach a better life, definitely achieve their success. That’s why Product is the second key of success.
  • Process
    For me, every start-up company should have a leader who intervened, mainly focusing on the process. Many “Top Leader” think that they are the “Top Leader” of the number one company in the world, so they just sit nicely in their leadership chair and give their manager managing the company in order to reach the success so called bankruptcy.

I build Karirpad and Arcigee as the realization of the 3P principle and my mission to provide success for every employee. I believe that everyone have the opportunity to grow to be best version of themselves. I try to put that mindset not just to the job seekers but also my employee.

“ARCIGEE” is a national executive search consulting firm and one of the fastest growing independent executive search firms in Indonesia. The firm has delivered highly-qualified candidates to fill its Clients needs for strategic hires from mid-management to the executive level across all functional disciplines.

“KARIRPAD” is a job portal with the most job ads in Indonesia. “Cari Kerja Jauh Lebih Mudah” is our motto to reflect job seeker’s experience when using our services. Our features are user-friendly, filled with reliable job ads, and large user to help job seekers get the best experience when applying for a job. When a company needs to manage their entire recruitment process, we have an e-recruitment system called “ATS” (Applicant Tracking System) and “RMS” (Recruitment Management System) which integrated with job portals.